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Helping Cats in South Florida

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We are very happy to announce that so far this year we have spayed/neutered over 100 cats. We fix on an average 5 cats a week every week including holidays. We are still a very small group that never stops. We just can’t seem to find the time, volunteers or resources to help us. Feral and stray cats in South Florida are a large problem. Everywhere you look someone is telling you about the strays in their yards or animal control is busying trapping and killing them. Although, we gained several new colonies this year, we lost two of our main colonies due to growth of town home developments. Our poor babies now have no where to go. We are in desperate need of land to relocate some of these babies. If everyone would fix their animal, shelters would not be as full and the county would not have to kill so many unwanted animals. There are numerous low cost spay/neuter clinics in our area so this really should not be an excuse. Where are all the donations sent by good hearted people going? While the small organizations or individuals are just getting by doing all the dirty work with no glamour. Makes you wonder?

At this time we have over eight maintained colonies that accounts for over 250 cats. This year we are happy to report that our last cat in one of our colonies was finally trapped after 3 ½ years and 4 litters. She is now fixed, happy and will no longer have anymore babies. Seems this year has been a never ending kitten season. We have had more kittens this last year than ever before. Thankfully, not from our colonies but new ones we now have. We have adopted out quite a few but still have many sweet ones still waiting for good homes. At this time we have well over 70 indoor cats in foster care and half of them are waiting on homes. If anyone is interested, or knows someone interested, please see our babies at petfinder.com. Or call us at, 954-425-4117.

This past year we have had lots of vet bills from very sick cats/kittens to major eye problems, broken hips etc. It has not been a cheap year. Also, it has been a bad year for us as far as donations and grants. We continue to raise money through our monthly garage sales and at our ebay Store, under the user name, felinerescue1. If you have anything to donate, please call us. We are always looking for quality items to sell. A special thanks to everyone who has donated to us recently or in the past. Without your help we would not have been able to keep up. Please remember us during the holidays.

Many purrs and thanks to Deerfield Pet Vet- Dr. Haskin, Dr. Simons and their great staff. Rachel from the Broward Mash unit, Alex Interiors in Ft. Lauderdale, MacDonald’s carpet warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale for all the extra carpets they have given us for our cats, Shoes & You in Fort Lauderdale for all the great shoe boxes we use for litter boxes, Janet Robinson for our wonderful website at www.felinerescue.us and most of all, our true and dearest friend Donna Halpern, Fairytails for all the help with food. She has the biggest heart and smallest purse strings yet has saved and fed so many cats and dogs.